Teresa Piacentino, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Largely self-taught during her childhood and teenage years, she discovered painting at an early age.

She had put her passion aside for various reasons, but she took it up again in 2007 at Nora Corradetti’s art studio, where she found that special place to let all the pent up inspiration from her long journey flow freely.

So began this stage of search and discovery, of study and hard work, of an intense inner need to put all the accumulated energy, love and joy into her paintings.

* Her works are part of various private collections in Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada and Argentina.

Art Exhibitions
12 de Diciembre al 10 de Enero Muestra Colectiva ?La Nave Kadmon? ? Espacio Multicultural
Buenos Aires, Argentina
26 de Junio al 17 de Agosto del 2009Muestra Individual “Mi Tiempo es Hoy”
L. de Zamora - Buenos Aires, Argentina
18, 19, 20 y 21 de Diciembre del 2008III Feria de Navidad
Pilar del Este - Buenos Aires, Argentina
19 de Noviembre al 20 de Diciembre del 2008Muestra Colectiva “Espejados”
Espacio Cultural Carlos Gardel - Buenos Aires, Argentina
4 al 31 de Octubre del 2008 “Palermo Fest” - Buenos Aires, Argentina 27 de Agosto del 2008Muestra Colectiva “Liga de Artistas” – Galería de Arte
Buenos Aires, Argentina
23 de Agosto al 23 de Septiembre del 2008Muestra Colectiva “La Nave Kadmon” – Espacio Multicultural
Buenos Aires, Argentina
2 de Agosto al 4 de Septiembre del 2008Muestra Colectiva “Art –tour - Buenos Aires”
Atelier-Espacio de Arte Ponce Boscarino - Buenos Aires
Junio del 2008Muestra Colectiva “Galería de Arte Punto y Linea”
Buenos Aires, Argentina